With the introduction of the BIOCANNA products it is now possible to grow organic crops in a controlled manner. BIOCANNA products make it possible to control growth of crops, instead of just ‘waiting to see what happens’. It’s obvious that our consumers appreciate organic products– we see demand increasing and read that our clients are happy with them from the comments on our site. Frequent comments are ‘pure’ and ‘unusually good taste’. We are convinced that growing organically will continue to boom, since more and more people are becoming aware that organic growing is ‘literally and figuratively’ a matter of good taste, and with the right application, yields are barely any lower than with mineral (artificial) fertilisers.

Is there a difference in NPK?

As you probably already know, several minerals are important for a plant to grow and bloom properly. Quantitatively the most important are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). One way or another, these minerals must be present in the proper proportions in plant food to enable and optimise plant growth.

N for nitrogen

Nitrogen plays the lead role in protein synthesis and energy metabolism, and is therefore essential for general development of the plant in all phases of its growth.

P for phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential element in phospholipids and phosphoproteins and plays a major role in a plant’s energy management.

K for potassium

Potassium is essential for flowering, protein and carbohydrate synthesis, water balance and transport of water and nutrients within the plant.

The big difference between organic and mineral fertilisers is that organic fertilisers are in part organically bound. This means that they can be found in a form that also occurs in nature. Because they cannot be measured easily in this form, the levels in BIOCANNA products will deviate from those of other CANNA products. But rest assured, your plant will be capable of taking up the same amount of minerals.

Organic growing; a matter of good taste

Health, taste and organic growing

Good health is one of a person’s most valuable possessions. Although it has not been scientifically proven that organically grown products are healthier, research does suggest this. Research conducted by our own CANNA Research department has shown that products grown with BIOCANNA have a higher percentage of certain essential oils such as: Limonene, Caryophyllene and α-Humulene. These essential oils determine scent and flavour. It is a known fact that limonene improves blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties. Besides the positive effect of organic fertilisers on the plant’s production of healthy substances, you will be less exposed to pesticides due to an improved ecosystem and increased resistance.

The importance of biodiversity

There are many definitions of the term biodiversity, but the simplest states that biodiversity is the variety of living organisms of all types. The higher the biodiversity, the higher the number of organism types. When a system with a high biodiversity is out of balance, the organisms will seek a new equilibrium. BIOCANNA products increase the biodiversity of the root environment so it is better protected against fluctuations. This reduces the opportunities for pathogenic fungi and bacteria to develop. This results in a strong plant and, in turn, a high and healthy yield.


Both BIOCANNA and CANNA products are quality products. CANNA products are for optimum interaction between the nutritional and growth media, based on the precision farming theory in which the plant is fed directly and precisely.

BIOCANNA products are based on the organic farming vision, based on direct as well as indirect nutrition for plants. BIOCANNA products stimulate the microflora around the roots to help the plant absorb the necessary nutrients and protect the plant’s root environment. This creates a complex ecosystem which is kept in balance at all times by the plant and other organisms.

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