CANNA Products

CANNA offers five different product ranges for multiple ways of growing. Each product range is specifically designed for the characteristics of the growing medium. Whether you raise your crops on soil, recirculating systems, water or on coco coir, CANNA has the right nutrients to meet your demands.

Growing in coco coir


Growing on coco coir is a great way to grow your plants. The unique structure provides an ideal environment for healthy root development and is great for the inexperienced as well as the advanced grower.

Growing on peat and potting mixes


Growing on peat is easy and ideal for inexperienced growers. The CANNA TERRA line of nutrients and substrates provides high value mineral nutrients for healthy plants and great yields, indoor and outdoor.

Growing in a recirculating system


The CANNA AQUA range is developed for growing on water in a recirculating hydroponic system (NFT, earoponics). The roots of the plants are in direct contact with the nutrients and the drainage water is reused.

Growing in a run-to-waste system


The run-to-waste system is another hydroponic method for growing on inert substrates (Rock wool, perlite, clay pebbles). The drainage water does not return to the nutrient tank, but drains away.

Get the most out of your plants

CANNA Additives

The CANNA Additives are products that are used alongside the main nutrients to optimise your results. Each product serves a specific goal, like enhancing root development or plant metabolism.