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Hydroponic growers who really want the best of the best choose CANNA AQUA. The CANNA AQUA range of products consists of the CANNA Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores nutrients and CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles.

CANNA Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores nutrients are unique compared to all other existing nutrition formulas. Advantages of CANNA AQUA nutrients:

  • Precise nutrient control means high yields
  • User friendly, no need to adjust the pH

Product line FAQ

I'm using a re-circulating system. Should I use SUBSTRA or AQUA?

CANNA specially developed CANNA AQUA for recirculating systems. CANNA SUBSTRA should be used when using a run-to-waste system. Please do not mix those two up!

Do not put all your money on one horse

Two pumps can be used to supply the nutrient solution to the plants to ensure that they will not be left dry if one of the two should malfunction.

Air and pH

If there are any air pumps in the nutrient reservoir, remember that these may raise the pH in the nutrient reservoir.

Root growth

Watch the roots closely. Otherwise they will grow into the drainage holes. This will block the drains and the system will stop circulating.

Keep your nutrients dark

Light breaks down iron chelates! Because of this, it is very important to ensure that no Ultra Violet light falls on the nutrient solution. Light also causes algae to grow in the nutrient solution, which can lead to blockages. Furthermore, algae can take up nutrient elements and cause nutrient deficiencies to occur.

Amounts of nutrients

Keep a record of the amounts of nutrients and additives you add to each tank of nutrients you mix. You then have a good starting point for the next time!

Nutrient tank

Take your time diluting and adjusting your nutrient tank! This is essential for the growth, flowering and development of the plants and will yield the best results.

Adding acid to water

When you dilute an acidic product, always add the acid to the water, never add water to the acid, if it splashes it will cause burns on your skin or in your eyes!

Mixing nutrients

Measuring the nutrient reservoir works as follows: Take EC/ppm as the starting point, measure it and determine whether it should be higher or lower, based on the values shown in the instructions. Only then should you adjust the pH if necessary. Try to get the nutrient solution’s pH value correct at the first attempt.

CANNAZYM and Clay Pebbles

CANNAZYM extends the life-span of Clay Pebbles and other growing mediums because it breaks down dead roots.

Rinse the clay pebbles

Clay pebbles can have a high salt content. By rinsing the pebbles with water, these harmful salts can be washed away. An additional advantage of this is that dust particles are also rinsed off and these may have caused blockages.

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