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CANNA TERRA is specially developed for growing plants in peat based potting mixes. Advantages of CANNA TERRA:

  • High yields
  • Easy to use, ideal for the inexperienced grower
  • TERRA nutrients are absorbed quickly
  • Better growth and flowering

Product line FAQ

Potting mix

Do you have problems with potting mix that becomes compressed and then absorbs water with difficulty? This can be easily overcome by mixing COCO with the potting mix, which will ensure that it can absorb water easily again.

Temperature & pH

To ensure good root development the feeding water must be between 68 – 77°F. When it's below 59°F the roots’ capacity to absorb decreases quickly, which results in a smaller harvest. If the feeding solution is mixed using cold water then the pH will rise when the water is heated. In this case, a high pH can be avoided by setting the pH a bit lower from the start.

CANNA potting mixes

The more nutrients that have been added to the potting mix in advance, the more difficult it will be for cuttings to take. This problem can be avoided by using CANNA potting mixes.

Keep your nutrients dark

Light breaks down iron chelates! Because of this, it is very important to ensure that no Ultra Violet light falls on the nutrient solution. Light also causes algae to grow in the nutrient solution, which can lead to blockages. Furthermore, algae can take up nutrient elements and cause nutrient deficiencies to occur.

Amounts of nutrients

Keep a record of the amounts of nutrients and additives you add to each tank of nutrients you mix. You then have a good starting point for the next time!

Nutrient tank

Take your time diluting and adjusting your nutrient tank! This is essential for the growth, flowering and development of the plants and will yield the best results.


Very high EC/ppm values increase the chance of burning, particularly for plants that are directly under the lamp. In order to reduce the risk of burning, the potting soil can be rinsed with CANNAZYM

CANNA Terra Flores

Change from CANNA Terra Vega to CANNA Terra Flores when the flowers begin to develop. Normally speaking this will be after the plants have been lit for 12 hours per day, for between 1 and 3 weeks.

Adding acid to water

When you dilute an acidic product, always add the acid to the water, never add water to the acid, if it splashes it will cause burns on your skin or in your eyes!

Mixing nutrients

Measuring the nutrient reservoir works as follows: Take EC/ppm as the starting point, measure it and determine whether it should be higher or lower, based on the values shown in the instructions. Only then should you adjust the pH if necessary. Try to get the nutrient solution’s pH value correct at the first attempt.

Adding CANNAZYM to your potting medium

CANNAZYM can be given continually. This is most easily achieved by mixing it with the feeding in the proportion of 2.5 ml/litre; 1:400, or it can be given once a week in the proportion of 10 ml/litre; 1:100. It is also possible to add the CANNAZYM to the nutrient tank when it is just 25% full at 10 ml/litre; 1:100. CANNAZYM also makes the potting medium more suitable for reuse.

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