CANNA is thé producer of nutrients and growing mediums for the cultivation of fast growing plants. CANNA was founded in Holland in the early 90s, and all products are scientifically tested before being placed on the global market. Passion and love for plants and helping growers achieve the most optimal result characterize CANNA's philosophy. CANNA products are successful worldwide.

Over 25 Years of Experience

The roots of CANNA go all the way back to the 1980’s. The two founders of CANNA started sharing their knowledge by providing information on the cultivation of fast growing plants in info couriers, which were very popular amongst growers. They then began developing a mix for growing on soil that could meet their high standards.

In 1993 CANNA launched the first mineral plant nutrients to the market. Continuing to work form the perspective from the grower and based on high quality standards, CANNA finally developed different product ranges for cultivating plants. CANNA is selling in over 30 countries worldwide nowadays.


Quality Proves Itself

The key to CANNA’s success is the quality and consistency of the products. CANNA believes in sharing of knowledge and experience to help growers.

CANNA’s passionate scientists put years of extensive research in each product which has resulted in formulas that guarantee that everyone, including inexperienced growers, achieve amazing results!


CANNA Products

CANNA offers five different product ranges for multiple ways of growing. Each product range is specifically designed for the characteristics of the growing medium.

Whether you raise your crops on soil, recirculating systems, water or on coco coir, CANNA has the right nutrients to meet your demands.

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